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          Internship at Cooperstown a homerun for Digrispino

          Nicholas Digrispino

          "This is the perfect opportunity for me, as I love baseball and history," said Digrispino, who earned his BS in history from Illinois State University. "Baseball is interwoven in the history of America the way that no other sport is or has been. Of particular interest to me is the intersection of race, social movements, and baseball."

          A lifelong Cubs fan, Digrispino's current favorite baseball player is Anthony Rizzo, but his all-time favorite is "The Great One," Roberto Clemente.


          "One of the many highlights of this internship for me is the artifact spotlight. I will have the opportunity to select an artifact from the museum and research it. I will then be able to present that research to visitors at the Hall," he said.

          In the future, Digrispino would love to work as a research librarian at a hybrid institution such as the Baseball Hall of Fame.

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