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          iSchool Job 搜索 Workshop Series: Negotiating & Networking

          In the third and final session we will go over negotiation: what are your options and should you negotiate? This again varies by industry and we will touch on all of them and the nuances and strategy for having a positive experience. We will also discuss the value of networking in the job search process. Strategic networking can benefit you in the short and long run. We will go over different types of networking from “cold” email, informational interviews and what to talk about at conferences and similar events. Time for Q & A at the end. Questions? Contact 丽贝卡·霍德森.

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          约ischool求职的系列研讨会: 传入,当前和过去的ischool学生欢迎参加。本次研讨会系列是专为任何人谁是目前找工作,打算开始找工作不久,或具有与找工作的问题。它是专为当前学生和毕业生在伊利诺伊州的ischool和重点将是在信息科学求职。我们鼓励你参加所有三次会议,但欢迎参加一个或两个。第一轮将被记录和以后的收听可用。


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