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          We are information scientists and professionals. Our stories demonstrate our impact on the world.
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          //t.co/r4Rf4XIvtO iSchool at Illinois @iSchoolUI Today 11:00 AM
        • Listen to what Illini have to say about their favorite courses at iSchool #iSchoolUI #ChooseiSchoolUI #uiuc @ UIUC… //t.co/exYQLp10U5
          iSchool UI AskMe @ischool_ui Today 1:37 AM
        • #iSchoolUI Adjunct Lecturer Melissa Wong (@LISafterclass; MS '94) offers tips for adjusting to online instruction. //t.co/9FovMTUSp0
          iSchool at Illinois @iSchoolUI March 26 3:00 PM
        • #iSchoolUI Associate Professor @victoriastodden presented her research at @theNASEM workshop, "Opportunities for A… //t.co/H7g1OKry1o
          iSchool at Illinois @iSchoolUI March 25 3:10 PM
        • Dr. Carol Tilley 🏳️‍🌈 says "Be kind." @AnUncivilPhD March 25 11:56 AM
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